Module 1 Intro to PopGen  
Unit 1 PopGen Course FAQs
Unit 2 PopGen Syllabus
Unit 3 Vocabulary
Module 2 Genetics, Genes, and Breeds  
Unit 1 What Does Population Genetics Have To Do With Breeding Dogs?
Unit 2 What is genetics?
Unit 3 Armstrong - Genetic Primer
Unit 4 What does "purebred" mean?
Unit 5 What's in the gene pool?
Unit 6 The Elevator Pitch
Module 3 Genetic Drift  
Unit 1 Genetic Drift
Unit 2 Genetic Drift - Part 2
Module 4 Genes in animals and populations  
Unit 1 A quick look at genes
Unit 2 Breeding Strategies
Unit 3 The good and bad of inbreeding
Module 5 The coefficient of inbreeding  
Unit 1 Simple calculations of COI
Unit 2 What does Coefficient of Inbreeding mean?
Unit 3 The price of inbreeding
Module 6 Genes in Populations  
Unit 1 The Hardy-Weinberg Equation
Unit 2 Using Hardy-Weinberg to assess breeding strategies
Module 7 Genetic analysis of populations  
Unit 1 Genetic analysis of populations (part 1)
Unit 2 Genetic analysis of populations (part 2)
Module 8 Assessing Genetic Similarity  
Unit 1 Assessing genetic similarity
Unit 2 Creating a dendrogram of genetic relationships
Unit 3 Finding genes without DNA
Module 9 The Genetics of Selection  
Unit 1 Heritability
Unit 2 Quantitative traits
Module 10 Estimated Breeding Values  
Unit 1 Breeding values
Unit 2 Estimated Breed Values Example
Unit 3 Do estimated breed values work?
Unit 4 Cornell's EBVs
Module 11 Genetic Management of Purebred Dogs  
Unit 1 Managing genes
Unit 2 Managing inbreeding
Unit 3 Managing breeders