Managing Genetics for the Future

Managing Genetics for the Future
Breeding dogs sustainably
Module 1 Introduction to Managing Genetics for the Future  
Unit 1 Course FAQs
Unit 2 Vocabulary
Module 2 What is the dog, and what is a breed?  
Unit 1 What are Dogs?
Module 3 Origin of breeds  
Unit 1 Breed origins
Unit 2 Afghan Hound
Unit 3 Akita
Unit 4 American water spaniel
Unit 5 Anatolian Shepherd
Unit 6 Canaan Dog
Unit 7 Golden retriever
Unit 8 Irish Wolfhound
Unit 9 Norfolk terrier
Unit 10 Rhodesian ridgeback
Unit 11 Tibetan Terrier
Unit 12 West Highland White Terrier
Unit 13 Wirehaired Pointing Griffon
Unit 14 Xoloitzcuintle
Unit 15 SURVEY: "What is a breed?"
Unit 16 So, what is a breed?
Unit 17 Survey results: "What is a breed?"
Module 4 Playing in the Gene Pool  
Unit 1 What's in the gene pool?
Unit 2 How big is the gene pool?
Unit 3 Defining the gene pool
Module 5 Inbreeding  
Unit 1 Wright's Coefficient of Inbreeding
Unit 2 Simple calculations of COI
Unit 3 What does Coefficient of Inbreeding (F) mean?
Unit 4 The price of inbreeding
Module 6 Breeding strategies  
Unit 1 Inbreeding and mutations
Unit 2 Is that genetic disorder "a problem" in your breed?
Unit 3 Hardy-Weinberg Law
Unit 4 Applying Hardy-Weinberg to breeding strategies
Unit 5 Popular sires
Unit 6 Breeding strategies
Module 7 Genetic drift  
Unit 1 Genetic drift
Unit 2 More genetic drift - Part 2
Unit 3 Genetic drift - part 3 (optional)
Module 8 Assessing the genetic status of a breed  
Unit 1 Inbreeding in humans, livestock, pets, and research animals (videos)
Unit 2 Using the Inbreeding and Kinship Coefficients
Unit 3 Assessing the genetic health of breed
Unit 4 Mean kinship
Unit 5 Population estimates of diversity
Unit 6 Effective population size
Module 9 Genetics of dog breeds  
Unit 1 Breed studies of genetics
Unit 2 Population genetics of the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever
Unit 3 Population genetics of the Icelandic Sheepdog
Unit 4 Chinook genetics
Unit 5 Afghan genetics
Unit 6 What do the numbers mean?
Unit 7 What's the status of your breed?
Module 10 Sustainable Breeding  
Unit 1 Genetic management: basic strategy
Unit 2 Genetic management: breed examples
Module 11 Tools for selection  
Unit 1 Heritability
Unit 2 Breeding values
Unit 3 Estimated Breed Values Example
Unit 4 Do estimated breed values work?
Unit 5 Cornell's EBVs
Module 12 Breeding for the future  
Unit 1 Fundamental principles of genetic management